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Principals Message

17 february 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians



Please note that the Department of Education has made it mandatory for all parents/guardians  to re-register their child/ward for the new academic year.Failure to do so will mean that you do not wish to have your child admitted to the school in the new year.

If you do not re-register your child by the specified date, your child/ward would be removed from the school's admission register and you child/ward would not be picked up by the school bus on the first school day of the new year. You would then have to re apply for admission in the new year and based on the availability of space your child wiould be considered for admission. Please keep in mind that the school already has a waiting list of 20 learners. Your child/ward will then be placed last on this list.

Lookout for a flier, with details,  that will be sent to all existing parents/guardians after the next SGB meeting scheduled for the .

I.C.Dawlathram (Principal)













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